Mission Builders

Mission Builders are retirees from all walks of life – including contractors, builders and carpenters – who work side-by-side with participants from your ELCA congregation or social ministry organization to help you construct or improve your facility so you can better live out your mission in the world.

The congregation or ministry with a building project assumes the role of general contractor and Mission Builders provide management and labor. A pre-construction manager helps determine how to divide responsibilities between the Mission Builders and subcontractors. Normally, Mission Builders rough in the building, raising joists, walls and roof trusses; frame and install windows and doors; and side the building. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC installation is handled by subcontractors.

A typical Mission Builder project lasts three to four months, and takes place during the summer. The congregation or ministry provides workers’ compensation insurance and pays minimum wage for a 40-hour workweek for each Mission Builder. Most Mission Builders live in recreational vehicles at or near the jobsite, but in some cases congregations may need to arrange housing for them. In addition to their construction skills, Mission Builders may share other gifts with your community, from teaching Bible School to singing in the choir and helping with social ministry projects.

Do you want to request Mission Builders for your congregation or ministry?

Interested in becoming a Mission Builder?

Please contact Bill Graves, Director of Mission Builders at msnbuilders1@gmail.com or 800-643-5295.