January 19, 2013

A $25 gift turns one pastor into an MIF advocate

When the Rev. Janet Kraatz was in her last year of seminary, the Mission Investment Fund presented her and her fellow seminarians with $25 savings accounts. “It was significant to me that MIF did that,” Pastor Kraatz says. “And I was impressed with the concept behind MIF—that they put the money invested with them into building churches.” So when she came to her first call at Faith Lutheran Church in Fort Worth, where she still serves, she suggested the church council consider moving some of its investments—which were in a bank savings account—to an MIF account instead. Faith Lutheran took its pastor’s suggestion and decided to invest with MIF. Since then, Pastor Kraatz has also convinced her synod conference to invest with MIF.

“Some of the financial experts serving on our church council were pleased that MIF’s rates were as good or better than what we could get elsewhere,” Pastor Kraatz says, “And the fund’s stability is appealing too, especially in the current financial climate.”

Known as “the little church with the big heart,” Faith Lutheran lives out its mission in a number of ways, including a free fall festival and summer vacation Bible school it hosts for the entire community and the thousands of caps and sweaters its members have knitted for cancer patients, premature babies and the homeless.

Although members of the congregation hope to one day renovate their building and have already met with MIF’s church building consultants, for now the congregation’s own plans are on hold. “If we’re not using the funds for our congregation, it’s nice to know some other congregation is benefiting,” Pastor Kraatz says.