October 4, 2013

Green building tips: Consider this growing energy source

A clean, renewable energy resource with little to no environmental impact, wind is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity. Individual, small wind turbines– producing 1 to 100 kilowatts of energy–are powering up homes, farms, schools, small businesses and–yes–congregations.

Before your congregation installs its own wind turbine, consider your location, the wind speed in your area and the landscape. (Some regions, such as the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, have better availability.) These factors also help determine the best type of wind turbine for your use.

Smaller, personal-use wind turbines are typically combined with a more traditional power source to allow for the fluctuation of the wind. If you create extra energy, you may be able to sell your bonus power supply to the local power company.

While wind turbines necessitate a significant initial investment, consider the long-term energy savings and green impact on God’s creation. For more information, visit: