June 2, 2016

Introducing MIF Capital Campaign Services

MIF Capital Campaign Services (CCS) is a new addition to the Mission Investment Fund’s roster of services. MIF Capital Campaign Services works to strengthen congregations by assisting them in raising funds for building projects as well as debt reduction. Previously known as Stewardship Key Leader, this fundraising service has assisted ELCA congregations for some 40 years.

MIF CCS consultants work with dozens of congregations each year to guide them in developing and implementing successful capital campaigns. Prayer and Scripture play a key role in each initiative, as congregation members are encouraged to consider thoughtfully and prayerfully their stewardship commitments to the church.

MIF Capital Campaign Services employs a five-step approach:

Initial Work: The MIF CCS consultant works with the congregation’s pastor and leadership team to define the congregation’s mission and key ministry goals. To grow this important ministry work, the team details campaign roles, responsibilities and timelines. At this early juncture, the team determines the goal for financial contributions.

Planning Weekend: The MIF CCS consultant works onsite to train the team of congregational leaders who will direct the capital campaign. The fundraising effort—complete with a theme and introductory information—is introduced to the membership.

 Running the Campaign: For the next five to six weeks, the congregation’s leadership team directs the campaign while MIF’s CCS consultant provides coaching from afar. This is the time for discussions during worship services, individual and small group meetings, telephone calls, mailings and more—so that members understand the need for the project and the priority of raising funds.

• Commitment Weekend: With the MIF CCS consultant onsite, congregation members are asked to commit to a pledge amount, usually contributed over a three-year period. Initial contributions— including large, lead gifts—come in the door.

• Follow-up: The congregational team follows up with church members who have not made a commitment to the campaign. Contributions continue.

MIF’s cadre of consultants is made up of pastors and professionals with long-term experience in stewardship and work with the church. “We focus on the mission and ministry of the congregation and how a capital campaign can ultimately enhance that ministry work,” says Paula Kitt, Director of MIF Capital Campaign Services.

“We experience great joy working with these congregations,” says MIF CCS consultant Rev. Philip Reitz. “It’s so rewarding to watch congregations take these fundraising efforts by storm and move forward in strategic ways that will benefit not only their members but all the communities they serve.”

For more information or to begin discussion regarding a capital campaign, please contact:
Paula Kitt, Director
MIF Capital Campaign Services