July 22, 2014

MIF proud

Ruth Shiell, a retired pastor’s wife, is bullish on the Mission Investment Fund.

She is the proud holder of MIF’s Demand Investment With Check Writing account.

“I take great pride in writing out checks that read the ‘Mission Investment Fund,’” she says with passion. “Every time I write out a check, I share our mission with each business I’m dealing with. This isn’t just a check by Wells Fargo or another commercial bank. Mine are checks with an important mission.”

For convenience, Ruth Shiell also uses the debit card available to individual account holders of the MIF Demand Investment With Check Writing account. Her husband, Wendell, also logs on to MIF Online for immediate updates to the Demand account. Residents of Minneapolis, the Shiells are members of Edina Community Lutheran Church. “Just like MIF, Edina Community Lutheran Church is all about outreach,” she says. She is particularly excited about the congregation’s newest effort to build the first housing for homeless youth in the western suburbs of Minneapolis—an area that currently has no beds to offer homeless children and teens.

“Sharing our gifts and talents with one another is so important,” Ruth Shiell says. “ That’s why I’ll stay with the Mission Investment Fund.”