April 30, 2018

See what’s new from the ELCA Federal Credit Union!

The ELCA Federal Credit Union is fast approaching its second anniversary. And this new ministry has been busy enhancing products and services for its members. As the not-for-profit credit union for the members and ministries of the ELCA, its mission is to provide the best service possible—and help its members save money.

Consider these innovations:
• The credit union is now offering savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit to ELCA congregations and related ministries.
• As of March 1, the credit union has raised interest rates to 0.40% for all member and ministry savings accounts and 0.55% for a 12-month Certificate of Deposit.
• And now, ELCA members can give to their congregations by using ELCA Federal Credit Union credit and debit cards. The ELCA has just announced a preferred vendor agreement with Tithe.ly to allow ELCA members to make one-time or recurring gifts to their congregation through the congregation’s website or mobile app. All ELCA congregations can set up a Tithe.ly account. Gifts made by using ELCA Federal Credit Union credit or debit cards will allow the members’ congregations to enjoy a special bonus rebate in addition to the already preferred transaction fees.

Digital stewardship helps congregations realize more consistent giving and offers detailed reporting and analytical tools. Members appreciate the ease of giving via mobile app or website portal.

Have you joined the ELCA Federal Credit Union yet? All it takes to become a member is opening a credit union savings account with a minimum deposit of $25. With that, you’ll open up new savings opportunities—from great rates on car loans and personal lines of credit to savings accounts, CDs, and credit and debit cards.

Watch for more innovations coming from the credit union throughout the year.

Want to learn more— or become a member?
Visit the ELCA Federal Credit Union website: elcafcu.org