October 23, 2013

Supporting MIF is "a good way of doing mission"

Longtime members of Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer in Minneapolis, Chuck and Hertha Lutz are also longtime investors in the Mission Investment Fund. 

Beginning with her tenure as bookkeeper for the American Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio, back in the 1940s, Hertha Lutz developed a sharp eye for all things financial. “I watched investment opportunities closely,” she says. She saw that the Mission Investment Fund’s predecessor financial organizations offered excellent interest rates. When MIF started up as a ministry of the newly established ELCA in 1988, the couple took note of the continued excellent return. “The Mission Investment Fund has proven to be a good place to put our money,” Hertha Lutz says. 

The Lutzes initially opened what MIF today calls a Demand Investment With Check Writing account. Then the Lutzes invested in a longer- term MIF Term Investment. 

“Not only has MIF provided a good return on our investments,” says Chuck Lutz, “but investing in MIF is also a good way of doing mission. With the loans MIF makes, MIF is helping congregations grow. It became especially meaningful to us when our congregation was able to get several loans from MIF. We had a direct experience in how valuable it is to be an investor in MIF.”

Chuck and Hertha Lutz both share a clear love for their congregation. They are active members of committees— Chuck in adult education and Hertha in community care. And they are quite moved by the congregation’s evolution since the 1970s in taking action on social issues; pioneering the welcome of gays, lesbians and immigrants; and developing a global-companion relationship with Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, Palestine

(Be sure to read Christian journalist Chuck Lutz’s book, Christians and a Land Called Holy: How We Can Foster Justice, Peace and Hope, co-written with the Rev. Robert Smith of the ELCA’s Global Mission unit and published by Augsburg Fortress in 2006.)