New-Start Congregations

  • Generally a 10-year term loan
  • Reduced interest rate
  • Amortization of up to 15 years

MIF makes loans to new-start congregations at reduced rates to purchase land, or to construct or purchase their first church building. The interest rate is 2.5% below the five-year adjustable-rate MIF Long-Term Loan in effect at the time.

MIF will purchase and hold property for mission congregations for up to three years. During this period, the congregation must make payments to the fund of 3% of the purchase price per year. All payments are applied to reduce the loan necessary to purchase the land and construct a new church building or purchase an existing facility.

If the building program does not start by the end of the three years, MIF may transfer the real estate to the ministry as a loan with the interest rate for the new-start congregation building program. Such loans will be considered to be part of the 10-year maximum term.



Congregations related to the ELCA Congregational and Synodical Mission program unit interested in purchasing land or building an initial church building should first contact their synod's Director for Evangelical Mission.