Loan Options

For nearly 100 years, the Mission Investment Fund and its predecessors have been financing church-related building projects and land purchases. Currently, we have more than 750 loans totaling about $450 million at work in ELCA ministries across the country.

Here are five reasons to consider using the Mission Investment Fund to finance your congregation or ministry’s next building project or land purchase:

  • We specialize in church building projects. This includes helping you plan and finance building projects and land purchases, as well as creating a mission-focused financing plan that meets the unique needs of your ministry. We can also refinance loans with other lenders.
  • We can finance the construction phase of your project.
  • We offer project expertise, free of charge. Our church building consultants provide counsel to congregations on building and renovation projects. The consultants and our regional managers can also provide information about loans and investments. Their services are provided at no charge.
  • The faithful stewardship of Lutheran ministries funds our loans. When you finance your building project through MIF, we reinvest your interest payments in loans for other church building projects and land purchases throughout the ELCA.
  • We offer competitive terms and rates.  Unlike many commercial lending institutions, the Mission Investment Fund does not charge points or loan origination fees. And the fund has only one fee: a document preparation charge for long-term loans. Check our current interest rates.

Who qualifies for a Mission Investment Fund loan?

ELCA mission congregations, established ELCA congregations, synods, and ELCA-related ministries such as seminaries, colleges, universities, social ministry organizations and outdoor ministries, have received low-interest loans from the Mission Investment Fund. All ELCA congregations and ELCA-related ministries that are investors in the Mission Investment Fund are eligible to apply for an MIF loan.
For more information, contact a Mission Investment Fund loan administrator (toll free) at 877.886.3522 or e-mail us at

Mission Investment Fund loans do not have points, loan origination fees, or pre-payment penalties.

Interest rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Note: Congregations related to the ELCA Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission program unit interested in purchasing land or building an initial church building should first contact their synod's director for evangelical mission.